We challenged Kuopio residents to dance!

What happens when a hockey player, a photographer, a festival host, and a board professional are invited to dance? 

This will be revealed when the collaboration project “Dance Challenge” between Kuopio Dance Festival and Event center Maxim kicks off! 

We have challenged four well-known Kuopio residents to dance lessons as part of a charity project. During the spring the participants will attend dance classes at local dance schools Dance Flow and SalsaStudio. 

The challenge culminates as part of the Kuopio Dance Festival’s free admission programme on Monday, June 17th, at 8:00 PM on the Maxim stage, where the challengers will present a small dance performance with a professional showcasing what they have learned. 

The event is not a serious competition, but rather a feel-good dance occasion! 

The event will raise funds for charity. Each challenger will pre-select a charity target to their heart. The audience will choose the winner on-site, and the funds raised will support the winner’s chosen target. Come and cheer for your favorite!

Kuopio Dance Festival invites companies to support the challenge and contribute to the charity pot. 

We will follow the participants’ journey throughout the spring on our social media channels, so stay tuned! 

Thank you for the courage to accept the challenge: 

  • Ice hockey team KalPa’s captain Tuomas Kiiskinen
  • Festival host Tatu Säisä
  • Photographer Nanna Hänninen
  • Board professional Mika Sutinen