Kuopio Dance Festival, the oldest and most diverse international dance festival in the Nordic countries, was born in the 1960s when Kuopio came up with the idea of organising an internationally renowned summer event in the city. In 1968, Lauri Siimes, Mayor Eino Luukkonen, theatre director Aimo Hiltunen and the newly elected director of the Kuopio Ballet School, Elsa Sylvestersson, put their heads together and the idea of dance, especially ballet, as one of the themes of the event was born.

In its first decade, the festival had no artistic director at all. At that time, artistic direction was the responsibility of a committee. From 1981 to 1992, the artistic director was ballet dancer and professor Doris Laine, whose contribution to the festival was reflected in an expansion of the range of performances and an overall increase in quality.

From 1993-1998, Jukka O. Miettinen was the artistic director of the festival. During his years as director, the festival’s focus shifted visibly to ethnic dance. In 1999-2001, Alpo Pakarinen was the artistic director.

Cullbergbaletten Drömmaren 1975. Choreography Birgit Cullberg
1994 press conference Anzu Furukawa. Photo Sakari Viika

From 2002 to 2019, the artistic director of the festival was Jorma Uotinen, perhaps Finland’s most internationally renowned choreographer and director of the Finnish National Ballet.

In 2020, Riku Lehtopolku, a renowned dancer, choreographer and teacher, was appointed Artistic Director. Previously, he was also Artistic Director of Pori Dance Company. Right from the start, the Covid pandemic years brought challenges and event organisers all over Finland had to think of new solutions and methods for producing events. The 2020 and 2021 Kuopio Dance Festivals were held in the autumn due to the pandemic. In 2022, the festival returned as a summer event.

Even today, the week-long festival showcases both fresh dance trends and old acquaintances from around the world. In addition to the main performances, the week offers a wide range of dance classes for professionals, amateurs and beginners, as well as a rich programme of free admission.

In addition, in 2023, the festival started to pursue a responsible approach through an accessibility plan and sustainable development programmes. These aim to ensure that the event is accessible and safe for all, taking into account the diversity of performances and audiences. Under the sustainability programme, the association and the festival will continue to develop sustainability by building clear objectives and measures for their activities, taking into account environmental and social impacts.
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Order 50th anniversary history of Kuopio Dance Festival
(finnish version only available)

Festival posters and performers 1970-2023

6th-14th June 1970   
Carry Rick (USA) 
Cullberg Ballet (Sweden) 
Estonia Theatre Ballet (Estonia) 
Koco Racin, folk dances (Yugoslavia) 
Praesens (Finland) 
Dancers from Kuopio Theatre (Finland) 

4th-11th June 1971 
Ballet Rambert (UK) 
Cramér Ballet (Sweden) 
Daile, folk dances (Latvia) 

3rd-10th June 1972 
Compagnie Anne Béranger (France) 
Doina, folk dances (Romania)  
Etoile du Nord (Sweden) 
Lietuva, Lithuanian folk dances 
International Ballet Gala
Dancers from the Helsinki City Theatre (Finland) 

4th-10th June 1973 
Andriesh, folk dances (Moldova) 
Ballets Contemporains Karin Wahner (France) 
The Norwegian National Ballet (Norway) 
Ruth Matso (Finland) 

3rd-9th June 1974 
Dance Theatre Raatikko (Finland) 
Finnish National Opera Ballet (Finland) 
Les Diaboua de Brazzaville, folk dances (Congo) 
Kirghiz folk dances 

5th-11th June 1975 
Cullberg Ballet (Sweden) 
Finnish National Opera Ballet (Finland) 
The Indian Ballet of Folk Tradition (India) 
Lar Lubovotch (USA) 
Riga Ballet (Latvia) 

7th-13th June 1976 
Estonia Theatre Ballet (Estonia) 
Dimitrovec, folk dances (Czechoslovakia) 
Scapino Ballet (The Netherlands) 

6th-12th June 1977 
The Contemporary Dance System (USA): Rooms / Day on Earth / Steps of Silence / And First They Slaughtered the Angels / Waldstein Sonata/ Dead Heat 
Cramér Ballet (Sweden) 
Dance Theatre Polar (Finland) 
The S. Aini Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre (Tadzhigistan): Giselle / Leili / Medznun 
Vasas, folk dances (Hungary) 

5th-11th June 1978 
Arabesque (Bulgaria) 
Dance Theatre Raatikko (Finland) 
Finnish National Opera Ballet (Finland): Ganajeh 
Tanztheater-Ensemble der Komische Oper Berlin (East Germany) 
Turkmenia folk dances  

4th-14th June 1979 
Camerata Coreografica (Romania) 
Carolyn Carlson and Jorma Uotinen (USA/Finland) 
Dance Theatre Raatikko (Finland): Mitä nyt eli erään johtajan lapsuus 
Dance Theatre Rollo (Finland): Kymmenen tikkua laudalla / Tango / Puettu eläin 
Dancers of the Helsinki City Theatre (Finland): Rossiniana / Liikettä niveliin / Karelia sarja 
Finnish National Opera Ballet (Finland): Romeo and Julia 
Katrilli, folk dances (Finland): Perinteisiä suomalaisia ja virolaisia tanhuja / Kansanmusiikkia  / Kansantanssikuvaelma Ruususolmu 
Kuopio Ballet School 25th Anniversary gala 
Tanzforum der Oper der Stadt Köln (West Germany)

9th-15th June 1980 
Ballet School Virpi Wirlander (Finland): Lumikuningatar 
Carolyn Carlson (USA): Running on the sound of the thousand stones 
Cullberg Ballet (Sweden): Pyhä Yrjö ja Lohikäärme / Vid Urskogens Rand / Bernardan talo 
Helsinki City Theatre Dance Company (Finland): Äiti Maa 
Hungarian State Opera (Hungary) 
Jorma Uotinen (Finland): Jojo 
Polish Dance Theatre (Poland): Krzesany / Stabat Mater / Dramatic Story 

5th-11th June 1981 Artistic Director Doris Laine 
Dance Theatre Miimos (Finland) 
Finnish National Ballet (Finland): Seitsemän veljestä 
Jorma Uotinen & dance group (Finland): Unohdettu horisontti 
Reijo Kela (Finland) 
The Royal Danish Ballet (Denmark) 
Tanztheater-Ensemble der Komische Oper Berlin (Germany) 

5th-11th June 1982 Artistic Director Doris Laine 
Akademska folklorna skupina France Marolt (Slovenia): Yugoslavian folk dances 
Dance Theatre Raatikko (Finland): Pas de quatre á la Strada / Kauriinmetsästäjä / Isadora / Cay Da -puu 
Finnish National Ballet School (Finland): Sininen helmi 
Group de Recherche Chorégraphique, Paris Opera Ballet (France): Pieces of Dreams / Aunis / In illo tempore /  Slow, Heavy and Blue 
Jazz-Point (Finland): Futuro 
Jorma Uotinen (Finland): Unisono 
Moscow Classical Ballet Group (USSR): Maailman luominen / Natalia 
The Royal Swedish Opera Ballet (Sweden): Stoolgame / There is a Time / The Pillar of Fire 
Won Kyung Cho (USA/ Korea): Asian Theatre Artists

9th-15th June 1983 Artistic Director Doris Laine 
Ballet School Sonja Tammela (Finland): Pas de Quatre / Nukkehaltijatar 
Le Ballet Royal de Wallonie (Belgium): Romeo and Juliet / Yerma / Images / Bolshoin koulussa (ote baletista Porsliinilapsi) / Apollo Distraught / Rainbow Ripples / Ghost Dances / Airs / Concertino / Pribaoutki 
Group of India (India) 
Jorma Uotinen and Dancers (Finland): Julius / Almeria 
Reijo Kela (Finland): Taulumannekiini 

4th-10th June 1984 Artistic Director Doris Laine 
Dance Theatre Raatikko (Finland): Luutanainen 
Dance Theatre Rollo (Finland): Tanssille / Sininen muisto / Äidin rakkaus / Miniatyyrilintu / Matka aamuun  
Dancers from Finnish National Ballet (Finland): Ruma Ankanpoikanen 
Dancers of Helsinki City Theatre (Finland): Askeleet 
Doina Jiului (Romania), folk dances  
Györi Ballet (Hungary): The Loved Ones of the Sun / The Joyful Souls / Bolero / Seasons / The Miraculous Mandarin 
Jazz-Point (Finland): Bess 
Moshe Efrati Kol Demama Dance Company (Israel): Textures / He That Walketh Uprightly / Dalet Amot / Psalms of Jerusalem / Attachments – in memory of my brother Abraham / Chapters. Voices 
The Prague Chamber Ballet (Czechoslovakia) 
Reijo Kela (Finland): Tanssia teille 
Selo (Tanzania), village music and dances  

3rd-9th June 1985 Artistic Director Doris Laine 
Bremer Tanztheater (Germany): Callas 
Dance Theatre Raatikko (Finland): Hyrrä
Dancers from Helsinki City Theatre (Finland): Kalevala 
Finnish National Ballet (Finland): Huonosti vartioitu tyttö / Seitsemän veljestä
International Ballet Gala: Kimmo Sandell & Kirsi Aromaa & Ulrika Hallberg & Jarmo Rastas (Finnish National Ballet) / Marie Claude Pietragalla & Wilfrid Romoli (Paris Opera Ballet, France) / Nina Semizorova & Juri Vasutsenko (Bolshoi Ballet, USSR) / Anneli Alhanko & Per Arthur Segerström (Kungliga Teaterns Ballet, Sweden) 
José Limón Dance Foundation (USA): Heart to Heart / Recueil / Dances for Isadora / The Moor’s Pavane    

4th-10th June 1986 Artistic Director Doris Laine 
Aurinkobaletti (Finland): Nainen mikä nainen / Eject 
Beskid (Poland), folk dances 
Compagnie Maguy Marin (France): May B 
Corona Danseteater (Denmark): Rejsen i den dybe sky / I Ching 
Dance Theatre Raatikko (Finland): Junttibaletti 
Göteborgs Stora Musikteater (Sweden): Tango, Buenos Aires 1907 
The Icelandic National Ballet (Iceland): Dafnis ja Chloë / By the End of the Time 
International Ballet Gala: Kirsi Aromaa & Jukka Aromaa & Ulrika Hallberg & Jarmo Rastas & Tommi Kitti & Kimmo Sandell (Finnish National Ballet) / Helle Fritz-Petersen (Göteborgs Stora Musikteater) / Sylvie Guillem & Manuel Legris (Paris Opera Ballet)
Jazz-Point (Finland): Jae 
Jorma Uotinen and Helsinki Dance Company (Finland): Huhtikuu / Huuto 
The Norwegian National Ballet (Norway): The Tempest 
Scapino Ballet (the Netherlands): Concerto Grosso / Night Island /Piccolo Mondo / Six Stops & Museum / Jeux / Septet Extra 
Sharatyn (Caucasus), Georgian folk dances 

4th-10th June 1987 Artistic Director Doris Laine 
Ariadone (Japan): Himé 
Ballet du Louvre (France): Giselle 
Cullberg Ballet (Sweden): Giselle / På Norrbotten & Eldstad / Schakt 
Cumbre Flamenca (Spain) 
Dance Theatre Mario Maya (Spain): Flamenco puro 
Gypsy Theatre Romen (USSR) 
Les Grands Ballets Canadiens (Canada): The Four Temperaments / In Paradisum / Tango Accelerando / Consort Lessons / Serenade / Le Sacre du Printemps / Agon 
Jorma Uotinen (Finland): Suomalainen sinfonia 
Susanne Linke (West Germany): Es schwant / Im Bade wannen / Orient-Occident / Flut 

3rd-12th June 1988 Artistic Director Doris Laine 
Aboriginal /Islander Dance Theatre (Australia) 
The Berlin State Opera Ballet (East Germany): Coppelia / La Valse / Infantin und Narr / Gesang der Schwäne / Carmen-suite 
Finnish National Ballet (Finland): Loviisa / Tansseja illassa / Troijan kilpa / Uhri 
International Ballet Gala: Maria Teresa del Real & Pablo Savoye (The Royal Ballet of Flanders, Belgium) / Natalja Bessmertnova & Juri Vasjutshenko & Alla Mihaltshenko & Aleksei Fadejetshev (Bolshoi Ballet, Russian Federation) / Nederlands Dans Theater 2 (the Netherlands) 
Katrilli (Finland): Finnish folk dances & Kalocsa (Hungary): Hungarian folk dances 
Lyon Opéra Ballet (France): Cinderella/Luminescences / Steptext / Mama, Sunday, Monday, or Always / Jardi Tancat Per Johnsson Dance Company (Sweden): Dance-1 / Third Construction / Den Leende Hunden 
Scapino Ballet (the Netherlands): D.C / Bagatellen / Pulcinella / In the Future/ Quartet III 

7th-13th June 1989 Artistic Director Doris Laine 
Angelia Siu-Yau Leung (USA): Bad Day Fishing / Stones Within 
Aurinkobaletti (Finland) 
Chang Mu Dance Company (South Korea) 
Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth (Finland) 
Gong Sadha Budaya (Bali/Indonesia) 
Helsinki City Theatre (Finland) 
Henry Smith (USA) 
Huangshi Peking-opera Group (China) 
Narippatta Raju (India) 
Padatik (India) 

3rd-10th June 1990 Artistic Director Doris Laine 
Ballet Cristina Hoyos (Spain) 
Les Ballets Africains (Guinea) 
Les Ballets Maliens (Mali) 
Company Germaine Acogny (Senegal) 
Dance Theatre Eri (Finland) 
Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth (Finland): Saari 
Dance Theatre Raatikko (Finland): Kuningas tulee / Puerto, Puerto 
Groupe Emile Dubois (France): Mammame Montréal 
Henry Smith (USA) 
International Ballet Gala: Estonian National Ballet (Estonia) / Tallinn National Choreography School (Estonia) / Finnish National Ballet School (Finland) etc. 
Magic Dances of Zaire (Zaire) 
Les Mevlevis D’Istanbul (Turkey) 
Tine Rožanc (Yugoslavia) 

7th-15th June 1991 Artistic Director Doris Laine 
Carolyn Carlson & Jorma Uotinen (USA/Finland): The Dance Floor on the Mountain 
Conjunto Folclórico Nacional de Cuba (Cuba)  
Cumbre Flamenca (Spain)
Drujba (USSR): Folk dances from USSR
Gestos Trasitorios (Cuba)  
Ilkka Lampi & Juha Lampi & tap group (Finland) 
International Ballet Gala: Nina Anianiashvili & Aleksei Fadejetshev (Bolshoi ballet, USSR) / Maria del Real (English National Ballet, UK) / Jose Manuel Carreño (Cuban National Ballet, Cuba) / Ulrika Hallberg & Nina Hyvärinen & Jarkko Niininen & Tero Saarinen & Kimmo Sandell (Finnish National Ballet, Finland) 
Jamaica National Dance Theatre Company (Jamaica) 
Keski-Pohjanmaan Balettiopisto (Finland): Tsirikli 
Lar Lubovitch Dance Company (USA) Opening: Tero Saarinen etc. 
Perfect Harmony Gospel Concert (Finland) 
Puppet Theatre Sytkyt (Finland): Akvaarionäytelmä 
Sankai Juku (Japan): Unetsu 
Young Tuxeco Brass Band (USA) 

4th-10th June 1992 Artistic Director Doris Laine 
Aurinkobaletti (Finland): Carmen 
Avanti! Orchestra and dance group (Finland): Jupiter – a star that brings the cold 
Carolyn Carlson (USA/France): Blue Lady 
Dance Theatre Eri & Bandola Orchestra & Annariitta Minkkinen (Finland): Tango Memories 
Dance Thetre Eri & Turku emsemble: A Soldier’s Tale 
Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth (Finland): 1001 
Dance Theatre Raatikko (Finland): Mummy Ballet 
Gala: New Helsinki Quartet (Finland), Kuopio Conservatoire dance students (Finland) 
Dinastia De Los Pelaos (Spain): 100 years of flamenco 
International Ballet Gala: Anneli Alhanko & Göran Svalberg (Royal Swedish Ballet, Sweden) etc. 
International folk dance concert (Ingria/Finland/Pihkova)
Gestos Trasitorios (Cuba)
Jorma Uotinen Dance Company (Finland): Ballet Pathetique
Kuopio City Orchestra (Finland): Finnish & Russian evening
New Helsinki Quartet (Finland)
Nikolais and Murray Louis Dance Company (USA)
Peking Opera (China)
Puppet Theatre Sytkyt (Finland): Mother Water 
Rhythm in Arctia
Tero Saarinen (Finnish National Ballet, Finland): Solo
Tuomo Railo (Finnish National Ballet, Finland): Khora
6th Boys’ residential dance course (Finland)     

7th-13th June 1993 Artistic Director Jukka O. Miettinen 
American Indian Dance Theatre (USA)  
Audur Bjarnadottir & Herdis Torvaldsdottir (Svöluleikkúsio theatre, Iceland) 
Ballet Du Rhin (France): La Fille Mal Gardée 
Contemporary Finnish Dance: Arja Raatikainen, Raisa Punkki & Sari Lukkarinen: Vibrations / Tero Saarinen: Takana / Tuomo Railo: Lerchen Musik 
Dance Theatre Minimi (Finland): Kun valot sammuu… 
Dans Design (Norway): Temppeliuni 
Gala: Ballet du Rhin (France) / Håkan Mayer (Sweden) / Royal Ballet of Danmark (Danmark) / National Ballet of China (China) / Nina Hyvärinen (Finland) / Arja Raatikainen (Finland) 
Jorma Uotinen & Kenneth Kvarnström & dancers & Kuopio City Orchestra (Finland)  
Kenneth Kvarnström and CO (Sweden): Finger and new creation 
Kimmo Koskela & Rea Pihlasviita (Finland): Red 
Nyt Dansk Danseteater (Denmark): Wunderbau / 2 x Stravinsky  
Paula Tuovinen (Finland): Umpikuja 
Rhythm in Arctia 
Sankai Juku (Japan): Shijima 
Vuokko Kekäläinen & Tero Saarinen & Juha Laukkanen & Marita Salmela: Korttelimuseon tanssivat hatut  

12th-19th June 1994 Artistic Director Jukka O. Miettinen
Alpo Aaltokoski Co (Finland): Minä olen ruumiini 
Anzu Furukawa (Japan): The Insect 
Ari Tenhula (Teatterikorkeakoulun tanssitaiteen laitos, Finland): Ariel / Houre II 
Batsheva Dance Company (Israel): Mabul 
Clowns of the World 
Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth (Finland): Eläköön miehet! 
Dance Theatre Minimi (Finland): Kun valot sammuu… 
Katri Soini & Kuopio Symphony Orchestra (Finland): One way only / Kenneth Kvarnström & Tero Saarinen & Kuopio Symphony  
Orchestra (Finland): Vanha 
The Latvian National Opera Ballet (Latvia): Cinderella / Raymonda / Theatre Urubaru (Denmark) / Osvaldo Requena’s Tango orchestra and dancers (Argentina) 
Nishikawa Minosuke V and his Kabuki Dancers (Japan): Fujimusume / Renjishi Puppet Theatre Sytkyt (Finland): Naamion takana 
The Sichuan Hibiscus Opera from Chengdu (China)
Suraya Hilal and Company (UK / Egypt): Jewels 
Kiperä Folk dance company (Finland) 
Rhythm in Arctia 
25th Anniversary Gala:  Ulrika Hallberg & Kimmo Sandell & Aku Ahjolinna & Nina Hyvärinen & Jukka Aromaa & Anu Sistonen & Antti Honkanen (Finnish National Ballet, Finland) / Elisabeth Platel & Nicolas Le Riche (Opera de Paris, France) / Angela Reinhardt & Gregor Seyffert (Komische Oper Berlin, Germany) / Jorma Uotinen (Finland) 

29th June-4th July 1995 Artistic Director Jukka O. Miettinen 
Andrea Ladanyi (Hungary) & Jorma Uotinen (Finland): Yesterday 
Ballet Flamenco Antonio Canales (Spain): Torero / Flamenco Puro 
Bruce Stegmann & Carol Christiansen & Jay Fagan & Julie Cartier (USA): Tap dancing from Chicago  
Carmen Cortés (Spain): Flamenco 
Cia Vicente Saez & Virpi Pahkinen (Spain/Finland): Rapta / Iridium 
Circus Bohemia (Finland) 
The Compagnie of Dancers (UK): Baroque dance 
Compañia Nacional de Danza (Spain): Duende / Ecos / Tabulae / Coming Together  
Ervi Sirén & Antti Riikonen (Finland): Enteitä 
Fêtes Galantes (France): Charpentier des Ténèbres 
Gala: Tommi Kitti (Finland) / Nina Hyvärinen & Jukka Aromaa & Anu Sistonen & Antti Honkanen (Finnish National Ballet, Finland) / Ilze Liepa & Piatras Skirmantas (Bolshoi Ballet, Russia) 
José de Udaeta & Co (Spain): Living Castanets 
Kati Hämäläinen & Jari S. Puhakka (Finland): Baroque music on period instruments 
Kenneth Kvarnström & Co (Finland): ..and the angels began to scream / Carmen!? 
Kirsi Monni, Chris af Enehielm, Sanna Salmenkallio, Kimmo Takala (Finland): Für Valeska  
Old is Gold (Finland): Outi Kallas & Leena Koskiahde & Jatta Lukkari & Hermanni Rask & Hanna Savolainen & Vivianne Budsko-Lommi & Juan Pujals & Riitta Vainio & Marja Leino & Tommi Kitti & Teemu Kyytinen & Janne Marja-aho & Jussi Nousiainen & Sami Vartiainen & Jatta Lukkari & Tero Saarinen 
Olli Porthan (Finland): Nordic baroque organ music 
Suraya Hilal & Co (Egypt/UK): Rhythms of Cairo 

28th June-5th July 1996 Artistic Director Jukka O. Miettinen 
Gala: Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth (Finland) / Tan Longjian (China) / The Opera of Peking (China) / Helsinki City Theathe Dance Company (Finland) / Ulf Gadd (Sweden) / Jingga Putih (Indonesia) / Helsinki City Theatre Dance Company (Finland) / Capoeira Dance Company (Brazil) / The Arts School Dance Company (Indonesia) / The Royal Dance Company of Thailand (Thailand) / Dance Camp for boys (Finland) / Fêtes Galantes (France) 
Kuopio Symphony Orchestra & Mika Backlund (Finland) 
Lyon Opera Ballet (France): Romeo & Julia / Määritelty rakkaus / Rakkauden aavikot / Groosland 
Madame Pusi & Company (Egypt) 
Reijo Kela & Heikki Laitinen (Finland): Kurttu 

27th June-3rd July 1997 Artistic Director Jukka O. Miettinen 
Anzu Furukawa (Japan): L’Arrache -coeur 
The Ballet School of Finnish National Opera (Finland):  Pyörteitä / Prinsessa Ruusunen 3rd act 
Conservatories of Kuopio and Oulu (Finland): Conservatory of Kuopio: Blown / Conservatory of Oulu: Kosketa rytmiä 
Dance Theatre Eri & Edward Vesala (Finland): Takti / Tangon syleily 
Dance Theatre Minimi (Finland): Uneton –kertomuksia yöstä 
Dance Theatre Raatikko (Finalnd): I Still Love you, Dear Carolyn 
DV8 Physical Theatre (UK): Bound to Pleaser 
Finnish dance: Anu Sistonen & Timo Kokkonen (Finnish National Ballet, Finland) / Katri Soini (Finland) / Jyrki Karttunen (Finland) / Company Toothpick (Finland) / Dance Theatre Minimi (Finland) / Helsinki City Theatre Dance Company (Finland) / Arja Raatikainen (Finland) / Jorma Uotinen (Finnish National Ballet, Finland) / Ulla-Mari Mäkelä & Kare Länsivuori (Finnish National Ballet, Finland) 
Finnish National Ballet (Finland): Halla / the second detail 
Oulu Dance Studio Group (Finland): Eläimellinen romanssi / Lady of Spells 
Sankai Juku (Japan): Hiyomeki 
Tero Saarinen (Finland): Westward HO! / Overdosed Mood 
Wendy Buonaventura and Maureen O’Farrel (UK): Dancing Girls 

26th June-2nd July 1998 Artistic Director Jukka O. Miettinen 
Anna Niinimäki & Marilena Fontoura & Javier Torres (Finland): Soledad / Ainda / Calles Zigzagueantes 
Balé Folclórico da Bahia (Brazil): All colors of Bahia 
Ballet Nacional de Cuba (Cuba) 
Danzahoy (Venezuela): Orejas de Tigre 
The Finnish All Star Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra 
Grupo Corpo (Brazil): Nazareth / Parabelo 
José Moncada (Peru): Luonnonlapsen konsertti 
Kuopio Symphony Orchestra (Finland): Kaupunginorkesteri Etelä-Amerikan rytmeissä 
Meu Samba (Finland)  
Päivi Rissanen & Susanna Veijalainen (Finland): Viva la Frida 
Tangokinesis (Argentina) 
Utopia Danza-Teatro (Mexico): Bajo la luna (..la memoria) / Veracruz 36˚(.. nadie mira la luna al atardecer) 

30th June-6th July 1999 Artistic Director Alpo Pakarinen 
Ballet Deutsche Oper am Rhein (Germany): A Midsummer Night’s Dream / Carmen / Black Cake 
Compagnia Fabula Saltica (Italy): In mezzo alla terra; Italian Songs / Eclipse / Annunciazione / Entre dos Aguas 
Flamenco!!! Ricardo Franco (Spain) 
I Solisti Veneti (Italy) 
Icebreaker Dance Productions (Australia/Finland): Commedia Machine / Lekatsu 
Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (Israel): Aide Memoire 
Leandre Ribera (Spain) 
Nomad Dance Theatre (Australia): Secrets / Hotel Nada 
NorrDans (Sweden): Brutal Calm / Kila Stadigt / Rede / Sturm / Skär / Kila Stadigt 
Rimpparemmi (Finland): Folk Music Concert 
Sari Kaasinen & Orchestra (Finland): Viisuja vintiltä & Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth (Finland): Topi ja taikasulka 
Tero Saarinen & Company Toothpick (Finland): Un/Do / Could You Take Some of My Weight… 

28th June-4th July 2000 Artistic Director Alpo Pakarinen 
Celtic Feet (UK) 
The Cholmondeleys and the Featherstonehaughs (UK): The victims of death in Smithereens 
Cool Heat Urban Beat (USA) 
daCi 2000 (Finland) 
Dance Company Tsuumi (Finland): Pyörteissä / Koppa 
Gala: Carlos Acosta (Cuba/UK) & Larissa Lezhnina (Russia) / Eve Andre and Sergei Upkin (Estonia) etc. 
Irek Mukhamedov & Company (UK): Class Concerto / Moszkovsky Waltz / Mazurka / Sita / Don Quixote / Quartet / Pas de Deux from La Sylphide / Louis Armstrong (…when angels fly…) 
Jamgang orchestra (Finland) 
Jan Lehtola (Finland) 
Katri Soini & Jyrki Karttunen (Finland): Dipolos / KJp / Little Stars 
Kenneth Kvarnström & Co (Finland/Sweden): SPLITVISION 
Kyberia (Norway) 
Scottish Dance Theatre (UK): To Time Taking Blush / Interlock / She Is As He Eats 

13th-20th June 2001 Artistic Director Alpo Pakarinen 
Alpo Aaltokoski & Co (Finland): Yönvartija – Seitsemän sielun vaellus 
Aurinkobaletti (Finland): Ugly Duckling 
Dance Theatre Eri and Hortto Kaalo (Finland): Romani Gili 
Dance Theatre Minimi (Finland): Mikrokosmos 
E-5 Orchestra (Finland): Romantic Evening with Finnish Composers Merikanto and Sibelius 
I Solisti Veneti Orchestra (Italy) 
Introdans (the Netherlands): Viva la Pasión / Baroque Pieces 
The Israel Ballet (Israel): Dvorak variations & Ecstasy / Tangoneon / Symphony in C / Gurrelieder 
Lanònima Imperial (Spain): La Nit Transfigurada / Eco de Silenci / Cuerpo de Sombra y Luz 
Nuevo Ballet Español (Spain): Furia 
Professional Dance Education in Finland – dance evening 
Szeged Contemporary Ballet (Hungary): The Wedding / Le Sacre du Printemps / Postscriptum / Orpheus 

13th-19th June 2002 Artistic Director Jorma Uotinen 
Ballet Biarritz (France): Un hommage aux ballets russes 
Ballet Preljocaj (France): Helicopter & Le Sacre du Printemps 
La Biennale di Venezia & Teatro Massimo di Palermo (Italy) & Mieskuoro Huutajat (Finland): J. Beuys Song 
Carolyn Carlson, Talia Paz, Nina Hyvärinen: Spiritual Warriors 
Compagnie Sweet Move (France): Sukr 
Gala:  Minna Tervamäki & Tamás Solymosi (Finland) / Natalia Sologub & Andrei Merkuriev (Russia) / Barbora Kohoutková & Kare Länsivuori (Finland) / Nina Hyvärinen (Finland) / Janna Aiupova & Igor Kolb (Russia) / Hlín Diego Hjálmarsdottir & Gudmundur Elias Knudsen (Iceland) / Talia Paz (Israel) / Anu Viheriäranta & Kare Länsivuori (Finland) 
Glims & Gloms Dance Company (Finland): Sikabaletti 
Harri Kuorelahti (Finland): Sokea hetki 
Jorma Uotinen (Finland): Mies, jota ei koskaan ollut 
Jyrki Karttunen (Finland): Keiju & digital duende 
Tero Saarinen & Company Toothpick (Finland) & Yas-Kaz Unit (Japan): Kaze 

12th-18th June 2003 Artistic Director Jorma Uotinen 
Ballet Gulbenkian (Portugal): Prumo / Chameleo, / Cantata 
Batsheva Dance Company (Israel): Naharin’s Virus 
Compañia Rafaela Carrasco (Spain): La Musica del Cuerpo 
Finnish National Opera Ballet School (Finland) 
The Göteborg Ballet (Sweden): Jorma² 
International Choreography Competition – Winner: Isira Makuloluwe 
Mariinsky Theatre (Russia) 
Rotterdam Dance Academy & Boys Action (The Netherlands) 
Vantaan tanssiopisto (Finland): Seitsemän Veljestä 
Virpi Pahkinen (Finland): 2 rukousta & Tero Saarinen Company (Finland): HUNT 

17th-23rd June 2004 Artistic Director Jorma Uotinen 
Compagnie Festina Lente (France): Ostinato 
Compagnie Montalvo-Hervieu (France): Paradis 
Galili Dance (the Netherlands): For Heaven’s Sake 
Glims & Gloms Dance Company (Finland): Näkki 
Jorma Uotinen (Finland): Hevosen kuolema / Illusions 
Karelia Gala: Béatrice Martel & Jean-Christophe Guerri (France) / Anu Sistonen (Finland)  / Anna Valev & Rafi Sady (Sweden) / Rafaela Carrasco (Spain) / Sini Länsivuori & Henrikki Heikkilä (Finland) / Marie Lindqvist & Anders Nordström (Sweden) / Minna Tervamäki & Aleszja Popova (Finland) / Constance Kau, Nhlanhla Mahlangu, Thoko Seganye, Muzi Shili, Kuyanda Sidiya, Thabo Rapoo, Faith Maseko, Thandi Tshabalala & Sonia Radebe (South-Africa) 
Moving into Dance Mophatong (South-Africa): Tranceformations / Gula Matari / Layers of Time 
Stockholm 59° N (Sweden): Come Out / Carmen!? / In my Dream Team 
Tero Saarinen Company (Finland): Borrowed Light 
VIVID.dance (Sri Lanka / France): Stay Away From the Rocks  

15th-22nd June 2005 Artistic Director Jorma Uotinen 
Centre Choréogaphique National d’Orléans (France): Woyzeck 
Compagnie Carolyn Carlson (France): Tigers in the tea house – trio of men 
Finnish National Opera Ballet School (Finland) & Vantaan Tanssiopisto (Finland): BUUMI 
Granhrøj Dans (Denmark): New creation 
Jenni Kivelä (Finland): Mestarietsivät  
Jorma Uotinen (Finland): TRIO TRIO 
Karelia Gala: Jyrki Karttunen (Finland) / Dance Company Tsuumi / Tommi Kitti & Co. (Finland) / Iiro Rantanen, Susanna Leinonen, Katri Soini, Joona Halonen (Finland) / Salla Suominen & Jaakko Eerola (Finnish National Ballet) 
Leni-Basso (Japan): FINKS 
Nordic Grand Prix Competition 
Teatterikorkeakoulun tanssitaiteen laitos (Finland): Korttelimuseon Vinski 
Tero Saarinen Company (Finland): Borrowed Light 
Ultima Vez & KVS (Belgium): PUUR 
United Snakes (Finland): Raaka-aineet 
Zero Visibility Corp. (Norway): …It’s Only a Rehearsal  

15th-21st June 2006 Artistic Director Jorma Uotinen 
Boys’ Residential Dance Camp 20 years (Finland) 
Compagnia Aterballetto (Italy): Romeo and Juliet 
Creative Africa: the winners of the 6th African and Indian Ocean Choreographic platform 
Eva Yerbabuena Ballet Flamenco (Spain): Eva / 5 Women 5 
Jyrki Karttunen (Finland): Human Imitations 
Karelia Gala  
Nederlands Dans Theater II (The Netherlands): Sleepless / Shutters Shut / Subject to Change / Minus 16 
Sami Saikkonen & Finnish National Opera (Finland): Pienten joutsenten lampi  
Susanna Leinonen (Finland): Kaira 
Tilman O´Donnell & Shintaro Oue, The Winners of Nordic Grand Prix 2005 (Sweden): Plan B 

14th-20th June 2007 Artistic Director Jorma Uotinen 
Anoukvandijk dc (The Netherlands): STAU Les Ballets C. de la B., (Belgium): vsprs 
Arja Tiili (Finland): Kukaan ei katso  
Compañia Kaari Martin (Finland) & Compañia Manuel Liñan (Spain): Voz en grito seguirilla / Cuéntame Lluvia / Madame Soledad  
Compagnie Maguy Marin (France): MAY B 
Gala: Teak (Finland) / Manuel Liñan (Spain) / Jukka Haapalainen & Sirpa Suutari-Jääskö (Finland) / Christian “Mio” Loclair & Christian “Robo” Zacharas (Germany) / Kenneth Greve & Marie-Pierre Greve (Danmark) / Jailhouse rock / Talia Paz (Israel) / Arja Tervo & Sampo Kivelä & Timo Kokkonen (Finnish National Ballet, Finland) 
Helsinki Dance Company (Finland): Syvältä. Sydämellä. RIEMUKUPLA / Liian onnelliset ihmiset 
Kuopion Musiikki- ja Tanssiakatemia (Finland): Noitien talo 
Membros Companhia de Danca (Brazil): Elemento Bruto / Raio X 
Nordic Grand Prix Competition (Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Norway) 
Talia Paz (Israel): Magnolia / Habayta 
Theatre Academy (Finland): ARC-EN-CIEL

12th-18th June 2008 Artistic Director Jorma Uotinen 
Alan Lucien Øyen, Nordix Grand Prix 2007 -winner (Norway): What’s not to love? 
Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève (Switzerland): Para-Dice / Selon Désir / Loin 
Belén Maya & musicians (Spain): Souvenir 
Compagnie Georges Momboye (France/ Ivory Coast): Boyakodah 
Glims & Gloms Dance Theatre (Finland): Kaijat 
Jukka Haapalainen & Sirpa Suutari-Jääskö (Finland): Lost moon (Finland) 
Kansantanssiteatteri Rimpparemmi (Finland) 
Karelia Gala: Dance Theatre Minimi (Finland) / Alan Lucien Øyen & Suzie Davis (Norway) / Jorma Uotinen (Finland) / Jukka Haapalainen & Sirpa Suutari-Jääskö (Finland) / Marie Lindqvist (Royal Swedish Ballet, Sweden) & Thomas Lund (Royal Danish Ballet, Danmark) / Brandi Coleman & Billy Siegenfeld (USA) / Nina Hyvärinen (Finland) / Christian “Mio” Loclair & Christian “Robo” Zacharas (Germany) 
Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (Israel): Ekodoom 
Kuopion Musiikki- ja Tanssiakatemia (Finland): Aika-Öykkäri 
Midnight concert (Finland): Jorma Uotinen, Helena Paavola, Jari Hakkarainen & Petri Ikkelä 
Petri Kekoni Company & Avanti! -kvartetti (Finland): Glow of Dimness 
Pori Dance Company (Finland): Huuto / Petrushka 
Seniorit valokeilassa (Finland): Jossain on jotain 

11th-17th June 2009 Artistic Director Jorma Uotinen 
Andrea Ladányi & Gergo Borlai (Hungary): BL Production / United Snakes & Arja Tiili (Finland): Henkilökohtaista  
CCN Roubaix Nord-Pas de Calais, Carolyn Carlson & Tero Saarinen (France / Finland): Blue Lady [Revisited] 
La Compagnie Lionel Hoche (France): Plexus / Volubilis 
Corridor (Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, Iceland) – Kedja-Kuopio event 
Dance Company Tsuumi (Finland): Fragile –This side up 
Dansgroep Amsterdam (the Netherlands): Pulse / Six / Variaties op een thema / Drumming 
Finnish National Ballet (Finland): Stepping Stones / FLUKE 
Kuopio Music and Dance Academy (Finland): Tapahtui talvi-iltana… 
Nuevo Ballet Español (Spain): Sangre Flamenca 
TaDaC09, Theatre Academy Dance Company (Finland): Rough Plan / Etäisyyksiä 
40th Anniversary Gala: Jussi Väänänen & Katja Koukkula & Johanna Iivanainen (Finland) / Sergei Upkin & Eve Andre (Estonia) / Tanssiryhmä Tsuumi (Finland) / Minna Tervamäki & Kare Länsivuori (Finland) / Rojas & Rodríguez (Spain) / Dance.fi company (Finland) / Andrea Ladányi (Hungary) 

17th-23rd June 2010 Artistic Director Jorma Uotinen 
Ballet Argentino (Argentina): TANGO – From the brothels to ballrooms and streets 
Carte Blanche (Norway): SH:HO KILLER PIG /  Uprising  
Cullberg Ballet (Sweden): She was Black / 40 M UNDER (Dance Film) / Negro con Flores 
Dance Theatre Minimi (Finland): Ihme juttu 
Dansk Danseteater (Denmark): Enigma / Cadance / Kridt 
Granhøj Dans (Denmark): Dance me to the end on I off love 
Iceland Dance Company (Iceland): Kvart / The Swan / Station Gray – Last stop 
Jin Xing Dance Theatre (China): Shanghai Beauty 
Savonia AMK – Music and Dance (Finland): Viltti hukassa 
Shanghai Ballet (China): Le Corsaire – Pas de Deux / Giselle -Pas de Deux / Keep the Length / The Red Fan / Beyond Bach / A Sigh of Love – Pas de Deux / Now / The Horizon / La Valse 
Skånes Dansteater (Sweden): Fragile I Entity / Black Water 

16th-22nd June 2011 Artistic Director Jorma Uotinen 
Ailey II (USA): Echoes / The Corner / Revelations / Shards / Valse 
Apotosoma Dance Company (France): Romeo and Juliet 
As2Wrists Dance Company (Finland): Tango for the radically anonymous 
By Kellokumpu/Roumagnac (Finland/France): 8/62°53᾽N27°40᾽E/16062011 
The Byuk-Pah Dance Research Society (Korea): The four seasons of Korea 
Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet (USA): Sunday, Again / Unit in reaction / Hubbub 
Compagnie Thor (Belgium): To the ones I love 
Dance Schools on Stage (Finland)  
Dance Theatre Minimi (Finland): Lajien synty / Älä hämäänny auringosta 
Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi (Finland): Minä ja kuu/ Sahara 
Mimulus Cia de Danza (Brazil): Dolores 
Pieni Suomalainen Balettiseurue (Finland): Ballet U.G./ new creations 

14th-20th June 2012 Artistic Director Jorma Uotinen 
Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo (USA): Le Lac Des Cygnes (Swan Lake act III) / Patterns in Space / Go for Barocco / Paquita 
Polish National Ballet (Poland): Weill Suite / When You End and I Begin / Afternoon Of A Faun / From the Bach Dances: The Green 
Carl Knif (Finland): Manuscript 
Cia. Sociedade Masculina (Brazil): Tāo/ Entre o Corpo e o Azul 
Compagnie Opinion Public (Belgium): Apart / Heid 
Dance Schools on Stage (Finland) 
Dance Theatre MD (Finland): Dancing Moominvalley 
Ervi Sirén (Finland/Japan): Kite 
Joona Halonen (Finland); Whispering Cosmos 
Karttunen Kollektiv & Eero Hämeenniemi (Finland): Lacrimae 
Kuopion kaupunginorkesteri & Pori Dance Company (Finland): Wanha / Symphony 4 – dances 
Ranganiketan Manipur Cultural Arts Troupe (India) 

13th-19th June 2013 Artistic Director Jorma Uotinen 
Compagnie Malka (France): Murmures 
Gala: Luyanda Sidiya (Etelä-Afrikka) / Teemu Tainio & Antti Keinänen (Finland)/ Choi JIn-Han (Korea) / Finnish National Ballet (Finland) / Introdans (The Netherlands) 
Dance Group Ikuna (Finland): IKUNA – tanssien piirtyvä minä 
Dance Schools On Stage (Finland) 
Haapalainen & Suutari-Jääskö (Finland): Double 
Il Posto Vertical Dance & Marco Castelli Small Ensemble (Italia): Atto Bianco 
Incidence Choreographique with Paris Opera dancers and soloists (France): Ouverture / Bless – Ainsi soit IL/ Fugitif / Thaïs / 4 Figures dans une piece 
Ingun Bjørnsgaard Prosjekt (Norway): Praeambulum 
Introdans (The Netherlands): In Love 
Jazzin´up & Savonia Tentetti (Finland) 
Katriina Honkanen & Tulilintu & Tanssiteatteri Tsuumi (Finland): Joutomiehiä 
Petri Kekoni Company (Finland): Miniatures 
Realizando Ideas (Mexico): Antropia 
Tampereraw & Pirkanmaan Tanssiopisto Elina Berg (Finland): Luokkaretki kuuhun  
Vuyani Dance Theatre (South-Africa): Umnikelo / Mayhem 

12th-18th June 2014 Artistic Director Jorma Uotinen 
Alpo Aaltokoski Company (Finland): Together 
Andersson Dance (Sweden): Name of the next song 
Dada Masilo (France/ South-Africa): Swan lake 
Dance Schools on Stage (Finland) 
Gala: Agnès Letestu & Stéphane Bullion (Paris Opera Ballet, France) / Dada Masilo (France/ South-Africa) / Daniele Bianco (Italy) / Virpi Pahkinen Dance Company (Sweden) / Katja Koukkula & Jussi Väänänen (Finland) / Will Funk For Food (Finland) / Finnish National Ballet (Finland) 
Helsinki Dance Company (Finland): Jeminan monta elämää 
Hofesh Shechter Company (UK): Political Mother 
Nuevo Ballet Español (Spain) 
Routa Company (Finland): MOMO -tanssiteatteriesitys lapsille 
Virpi Pahkinen Dance Company (Sweden): Digambara / Kalagni / Kabar kabur 

10th-16th June 2015 Artistic Director Jorma Uotinen 
Aurinkobaletti (Finland): Ennen viimeisiä ajatuksia 
Cia Marco Flores Flamenca Danza (Spain): Laberíntica 
CCN de Creteil et du Val de Marne / Cie Käfig (France): Boxe Boxe 
Dance Schools on Stage (Finland, Denmark, Norway) 
Danish Dance Theatre (Denmark): Black Diamond 
Finnish National Opera Ballet School (Finland)  
Gala: Dennis ”Ätä” Nylund (Finland) / Andrea Miltrenová (Czech Republic / UK) / Will Funk For Food (Finland) / Compagnia Kaari & Roni Martin (Finland) / Finnish National Ballet (Finland) 
Quorum Ballet (Portugal): Correr o Fado 
Susanna Leinonen Company (Finland): Touch of Gravity & Marita Liulia & Co (Finland): Swan Song 

15th-21st June 2016 Artistic Director Jorma Uotinen 
Arja Raatikainen & Co (Finland): Leikin alku 
Aterballetto (Italy): LEGO / #hybrid / Antitesi Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo (USA) 
Gala: Xie Xin (China) / Riku Lehtopolku (Finland) / Finnish National Ballet (Finland) / Tsuumi Dance Theater (Finland) / Another Kind of Blue (The Netherlands) 
Dance Schools on Stage (Finland, Norway, Estonia) 
Jorma Uotinen & Pétur Sakari & Pori Dance Company (Finland): Hetkien Vaellus 
Pojat 30v (Finland) 
Tero Saarinen Company (Finland): Could you take some of my weight…? / Mesh 
Sankai Juku (Japan): Utsushi 

14th-20th June 2017 Artistic Director Jorma Uotinen 
Dada Masilo (South Africa): Giselle 
Dance Schools on Stage (Finland, Estonia) 
Finnish National Opera Ballet School (Finland) 
Gala:  Alena Shkatula & Denis Klimuk (Estonian National Ballet, Estonia) / Atte Kilpinen (Finland) / Jutta & Sami Helenius (Finland) / Iron Skulls (Spain) / Valerio de Vita & Emiliano Perrazzini (Italy) / Dada Masilo (South-Africa)  
Israel Galván: FLA.CO.MEN 
Nederlands Dans Theater 2 (The Netherlands): SH-BOOM! / mutual comfort / Solo / Cacti 
VerTeDance & Jiri Havelka Clarinet Factory (Czech Republic): Correction 
Vertigo dance Company (Israel): Yama 
Xiexin Dance Theatre (China): From IN 

13th-20th June 2018 Artistic Director Jorma Uotinen 
Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal (Canada): Dance Me 
Bodhi Project (SEAD – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, Austria):  Beneath a Falling Sky / Is this it? / Sound of the Trap 
Carl Knif Company (Finland): At Once, in Helsinki 
Compagnie Marie Chouinard (Canada): Hieronymos Bosch – The Garden of Earthly Delights 
Gala: Introdans (The Netherlands) / Constantine Allen & Yui Sugawara (Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Canada) / Anart Dance Company (India) / Compagnie Didier Théron (France) / Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal (Canada) 
Dance Schools on Stage (Finland, Sweden, Iceland)  
Glims&Gloms (Finland): JAM – Herra Hillon hämmennys 
Helena Franzen (Sweden): Extended 
Jorma Uotinen & Jari Hakkarainen (Finland): Avec le Temps (concert) 
Shanghai Empireast Culture Group (China) 



12th-18th June 2019 Artistic Director Jorma Uotinen 
50th Anniversary Gala 
Au revoir Jorma – Gala 
Ballet School of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet (Finland): Excerpts from the school’s spring performance 
Boys Residential Dance Camp (Finland): JU-JU 
Compagnie Pál Frenák (Hungary): Lutte 
Dance Schools on Stage (Finland, Russia, Lithuania) 
Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company (Germany): Postgenoma / Echoes from a Restless Soul / High Breed 
Hofesh Schecter Company (UK): Grand Finale 
Kuopio Consevatory (Finland): What do you need for living in Earth? 
Sydney Dance Company (Australia): ab [Intra] 
Tero Saarinen Company & Helsinki Baroque Orchestra (Finland): Third Practice 
Zoltan Grecso & Beatrix Simco (Hungary): #Orpheus #Eurydice 


Autumn 2020 Artistic Director Riku Lehtopolku 
14th October Raekallio Co (Finland): Muistikuvia 
17th October ELO-Forum (Finland): Kuopion Konservatorio, Kuopio Taideopisto, Kuopio Tanssistudio, Oskari Kymäläinen, MDD, mSuomen kansallibaletin nuortisoryhmä, Blind Gut Company, Minna Tervamäki 
15th-16th October Satu Tuomisto (Finland): Kilpatanssi Remix 
13th-14th November Fern Orchestra (Finland): Mareld 
14th November Dance Films: Maalta kaupunkiin 
28th November Dance Films: Havahtumisia 
27th November Toistuvat yllätykset hiphopshow 
29th-30th November Katja Lunden Company (Finland): Flamencosauna 
1st December Satu Rekola (Finland): Satubaletti 
18th-31st December Jenni Kivelä (Finland): Jotakin kuviteltua (kuunnelma kaupunkitilassa) 


20th August-21st November 2021 Artistic Director Riku Lehtopolku 
20th August-6th September William Forsythe (USA/Germany): Choreographic Objects 
(City of Abstracts, Untitled Instructional Series) 
9th-10th October Cristiana Morganti (Italy): Jessica and Me 
9th-10th October Dance Schools on Stage (Finland) 
11th-12th October Peeping Tom( Belgium): Kind 
13th-16th October Shobana Jeyasingh Dance (UK): TooMortal 
31st October Dance Films 
31st October-1st November GN/MC (Spain): Set of Sets 
10th-11th November Andonis Foniadakis Dance Company (Greece): Salema Revisited 
19th-20th November Caleb Teicher & Nic Gareiss (USA): Caleb & Nic 
20th-21st November Genelec Gala

15th-21st June 2022 Artistic Director Riku Lehtopolku 
Adi Boutrous (Israel): One More Thing 
Alessandro Sciarroni (Italy): Save the last dance for me 
Carl Knif Company (Finland): Matka 
Compagnie 111 – Aurélien Bory (France): Corps Noir 
Dance Schools on Stage (Finland) 
Emanuel Gat Dance (France) LOVETRAIN2020 
Eun-Me Ahn Company (South Korea): Nort Korea Dance 
Kinetic Orchestra (Finland): Mostly Mass 
La Veronal (Spain): Sonoma 
Livsmedlet/Grus Grus teatteri (Finland): Näkymättömät maat 
Riku Lehtopolku (Finland): Stream 
Winter guests (Norway): Story, story, die. 

14th-20th June 2023 Artistic Director Riku Lehtopolku 
Compagnie Mouvements Perpétuels / Cie Salia Sanou (France): D’un Rêve  
Bruno Beltrão / Grupo De Rua (Brazil): New Creation  
Alexander Vantournhout / Not Standing (Belgium): Through the Grapevine  
Prototype Status / Cie Jasmine Morand (Switzerland): LUMEN 
Cristiana Morganti (Italy): Behind the Light  
Kammerballetten (Denmark) 
Helsinki Dance Company & Anton Lachky (Finland): Special Night 
Il Posto (Italy): Skyline 
Dance Schools on Stage (Finland) 
Genelec Gala 
Children’s Gala 

12th-18thn June 2024 Artistic Director Riku Lehtopolku