Cooperation and partnerships

Thank you for all the partners – without you we would not exist

Over 50th years old, Kuopio Dance Festival is the best-known, most diverse and largest annual dance arts festival in the Nordic countries.

We bring the world’s most prestigious dance art to Finland. Our event ranks among the most renowned domestic modern classic brands in the industry.

A platform for encounters

We offer a high-quality, experiential and prestigious event as a platform for business partnerships, with an arts-oriented, diverse and loyal, but also renewing audience. An audience that offers the opportunity to collaboratively deliver added value to your customers, partners and employees.

Pride in working together, high quality and content expertise and a socially responsible approach create added value for all parties involved.

Models of cooperation

The business cooperation started at the festival in the 1970s, when car dealer Veikko Itkonen took care of the festival’s cars – later the cooperation continued with Kuopio Autokauppa. The cooperation with Savon Sanomat gives both parties extensive visibility. Other cooperation projects include the Karelia Gala, Elo-Forum, Genelec Gala and Finnair cooperation, cooperation with Kodin Kuvalehti and cooperation with PeeÄssä and Kuopion Energia in producing free events.

Although the models of cooperation have evolved over the years, the starting point has always been the needs and objectives of the partner companies.
Custom made agreements aim at long-term cooperation. The image benefits of a prestigious event and the opportunities for joint marketing activities with an interesting target audience are an essential part of the cooperation agreements.

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