What is Kuopio Dance Festival?

Kuopio Dance Festival is the largest, oldest and most diverse dance arts festival in the Nordic countries. Festival is held annually in June.

The week-long festival features a solid line-up of top performances from abroad and in Finland, as well as a wide range of free admission programmes, courses, camps, seminars and many other dance events, including a revamped carnival procession.

Kuopio Market Square is also home to the Dance Pavilion, which will be open from dawn to dusk during the festival. The tent is a great meeting place during the event, where you can dance yourself and get together with friends.

The first festival was held in 1970, so the 2024 edition will be the 55th in a row. The event attracts around 35 000 visitors each year.

The Kuopio Dance Festival is organised by Kuopio Tanssii ja Soi – Kuopio Dance Festival ry, an association founded in 1969. Its purpose is to promote the practice and professionalism of dance, music and cultural tourism at local, national and international level. Within the framework of its statutes, the association may organise dance performances, concerts, seminars, training and other cultural activities.

The mission of the association and the festival is to be an attractive event that serves as a showcase for high-quality domestic and international dance art. The aim is to provide experiences, spiritual enrichment, inclusion, education and training.

At Kuopio Dances Festival we combine dance, music, culture and community into a unique celebration!

See you at the festival 12th-18th June 2024!