Dance classes in retirement homes of the Kuopio Region – schedules here 

This autumn, the retirement homes in the Kuopio region will get into the mood for dancing, as we organize dance lessons for the elderly from October to December. 

Sirpa Möksy from SalsaStudio and Julia Kelloniemi from Juju Dance Puijola dance school are responsible for the content of the dance lessons. 

In the classes, you dance standing and sitting without a partner, and the purpose is to maintain and strengthen the functional ability needed in everyday life. 

Sirpa organizes Neuro Latino classes, where you dance different latin dances: (also standing and sitting, without a partner) samba, cha cha, rumba, jive and tango. The classes are perfectly suitable for the elderly and people with neurological diseases. 

Dance lessons are held at the Melankatu, Mäntylä and Suokatu retirement homes and at the Alava-house. 

Dance lessons are enabled by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, which awarded Kuopio Dance Festival a grant to organize rehabilitative dance activities for elderly. 

Dance classes are open to all, who live in the retirement homes, who participate daily activities and as well for those living at home and other elderly people in the area!


 (dance classes are held in Finnish)

Leväsen toimikeskus
dance instructor Julia Kelloniemi

Tue 3.10. klo 10.30–11.30 
Tue 10.10. klo 10.30–11.30 
Tue 24.10. klo 10.30–11.30 
Fri 3.11. klo 12.30–13.30
Fri 10.11. klo 12.30–13.30
Fri 17.11. klo 12.30–13.30
Wed 22.11. klo 10.30–11.30 
Wed 29.11. klo 10.30–11.30

dance instructor Julia Kelloniemi
Melankadun toimikeskus:
Thu 5.10 klo 13–14
Thu 12.10 klo 13–14
Thu 26.10 klo 13–14
Thu 2.11 klo 13–14

Mäntylän toimikeskus:
Thu 9.11 klo 14–15
Thu 16.11 klo 14–15
Thu 23.11 klo 14–15
Thu 30.11 klo 14–15

Alava-talon tunnit:
Neuro Latino, dance instructor Sirpa Möksy

Fri 27.10. klo 11-12 
Fri 3.11. klo 11-12
Fri 10.11. klo 11-12 
Fri 17.11. klo 11-12 
Fri 24.11. klo 11-12
Fri 1.12. klo 11-12
Fri 8.12. klo 11-12
Fri 15.12. klo 11-12

Suokadun tunnit:
Neuro Latino, dance instructor Sirpa Möksy

Mon 23.10. klo 13-14
Thu 2.11. klo 13-14 
Mon 6.11. klo 13-14 
Wed 15.11. klo 13-14
Thu 23.11. klo 13-14
Mon 27.11. klo 13-14
Tue 5.12. klo 13-14
Thu 14.12. klo 13-14

On Monday 11.12. at 14-15 in Mäntylä and on Tuesday 19.12. at 13-14 in Suokatu there will be a dance performance with live music accompaniment, followed by a joint dance session.

The presentation will last 13 minutes and the workshop will last about 30 minutes.
In the dance workshop you can try out movements and themes of expression familiar from the work, sitting in chairs or wheelchairs. The session will be accompanied by live music on an accordion, and will of course end with a collective waltz.


Performances Sonja Rönkkö ja Harriet Jeffery (choreography and dance),
Anni-Ilona Hiltunen (accordion).
Finnish Cultural Foundation

In early summer 2023, the Finnish Cultural Foundation awarded a grant to Kuopio Dances and Soi to organise rehabilitative dance activities for older people in service centres in the region.