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Come and experience the captivating melodies of Indian music, when three top Indian musicians pilot a musical journey inspired by Lake Kallavesi. The concert is inspired by Finland’s changing seasons and landscape, as well as the emotions they evoke. The changing atmosphere of the concert is created by Indian tonal scales, ragas, which give rise to the characteristic quality of each melody.

The concert is produced in collaboration with the City of Kuopio, Sansikriti Finland, and Trideco Oy.
Free admission. Welcome to discover the enchanting spectrum of Indian music!

Pt. Ajay Prasanna is the disciple and son of Pt. Bhola Nath Prasanna, a noted Indian musician. He is an internationally acclaimed Indian Classical flutist. He has collaborated with Grammy award winners Ricky Kej and Stewart Copeland. Pt. Ajay Prasanna has globally represented Indian classical music at the Indian Classical music festival, Royal Albert Hall in London, Sydney Music Festival in Australia; the Paleo Festival in Switzerland and the Indian Classical Music tour around Indonesia among others. Pt. Ajay Prasanna has dedicated 45 years in serving Indian Classical music and has toured extensively across the length and breadth of India performing National Program concerts.

Ajay Prasanna

Divyansh Srivastava plays Santoor. Santoor is an ancient Indian instrument with 100 strings. Divyansh was born in a musical family. He gained the basic knowledge of Indian Classical Music from his father Shri Govind Verma. Further, he learnt santoor from Padmashri Pt. Bhajan Sopori, the renowned santoor player of India. He has given Santoor concerts in many renowned musical gatherings and conferences organized in different parts of India. He has obtained his master’s degree in Music from the Delhi University and won the gold medal for his meritorious performance. Currently, he is pursuing his PhD studies in the musicology department, Delhi University in India.

Divyansh Srivastava

Indrajit Pradhan plays Tabla. Tabla is a pair of hand drums. Tabla is one of the most popular percussion instruments in India. Indrajit, a disciple of Pt. Shankar Ghosh, spent several years residing with the teacher to understand and refine the art of tabla. He has collaborated with the luminaries of Indian Classical music such as Amjad Ali Khan, S. Sekhar, Kabir Suman, Jaya Biswas among others. He has given tabla concerts and accompaniments at international stages at Dubai, Kazakhstan and Bangladesh. As an artist, Indrajit has expanded his horizons beyond tabla to world music and sound. His current collaborations on a global stage such as – The Spirit of Tengri International Festival of Music and Dance (Kazakhstan), include his work with Natiq Shirinov (Azerbaijan), Rovshanjon Yunusov (Uzbekistan), Laima Jansone (Latvia), among others.

Indrajit Pradhan

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