Supervisual Gala

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Kuopio Music Center, Concert Hall
37-68 €
Kuopio Music Center, Concert Hall
37-68 €

Supervisual Gala, assembled by the festival’s artistic director Riku Lehtopolku, brings international and Finnish dance stars to Kuopio. During the evening, you can admire the most diverse dance styles, from upbeat step to contemporary dance.    

The evening’s program is full of wonderful performances by domestic and international dance stars. The New York tap group Dorrance Dance and Uppercut Danseteater, which offers a playful outdoor performance in Kuopio’s Luoto in addition to the Gala, will be seen on stage. 

Finnish National Ballet’s dancer Atte Kilpinen performs a solo performance of Susanna Leinonen‘s acclaimed classic Suo tihkua vihreä tammi. Made for the Finnish National Ballet, in this piece, classical ballet is combined with movement language that emphasizes strength and vulnerability.

The Taiwanese contemporary dance group B.Dance will also arrive at the gala with their piece Floating Flowers, which was inspired by the Taiwanese tradition of floating lanterns. Choreographer Po-Cheng Tsai’s choreographic language is based on Asian traditions, martial arts and contemporary dance techniques. In this atmospheric work, which has charmed audiences all over the world, dancers dressed in tulle dance like illuminated lanterns on the water. 

Duration: 1 h 45 min (interval)

Dorrance Dance
Atte Kilpinen
Uppercut Danseteater



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