Dance against the wall of Puijo Tower

– Il Posto arrives to Kuopio again in honor of Puijo’s 60th anniversary 

In 2023, Puijon Torni turns sixty years old. In honor of the anniversary, Kuopio Dance Festival brings to Puijo the dance group Il Posto, that delighted us ten years ago performing against the wall of the tower. 

The dauntless dance group amazed at the festival in 2013 by performing from the 75-meter Puijo Tower while hanging from ropes. Now the group returns to Kuopio with their breathtaking piece called Skyline

Skyline is a site-specific work by the Italian Company Il Posto Vertical Dance group, in which the vertical surface of Kuopio’s Puijo Tower and the entire surroundings of Puijo come alive in a new way through live music and dance. 

“The title of the piece, Skyline, means the city skyline. It is the line created by the buildings, the view that makes each place special. On this horizon, the dancers create a spectacular performance,” describes the group’s choreographer Wanda Moretti. 

The performers dancing lightly and weightlessly use their bodies to paint a new perspective on Kuopio’s iconic landscape, where man-made and natural beauty meet in a special way. 

Saxophonist Marco Castelli has created his own, special music for Puijo’s performance, thus emphasizing the strong interaction and unique essence of the place and the performers. The music combines saxophone and electronic music. 

The CEO of Puijo Peak Oy, Pekka Niemelä, says that he is excited to bring the unique show to Kuopio again. 

“The group has left a unique image in my mind. I wanted to bring this dance group, which perfectly symbolizes Puijo as a cultural destination, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Puijo Tower. In cooperation with Kuopio Dance Festival, this became possible.” 

“At Puijo, we are looking forward to the celebrations on June 16th. Puijo’s restaurants are also participating and they will organize a champagne bar at the place, among other things,” he continues. 

Company Il Posto Vertical Dance 

Company Il Posto Vertical Dance is an Italian group that makes place-bound works on vertical surfaces, which has toured the world with its breathtaking and inventive works. 

They dance on ropes in the most imaginative places: historic and new buildings, indoors and outdoors, on bridges, towers, cranes, but also in theaters, museums and industrial environments. 

Choreographer Wanda Moretti specializes in dance that takes into account the harmony and proportions of the space. Her artistic work focuses on movement that interacts with different forms of artistic expression as well as urban and natural architecture. 

Marco Castelli is one of Italy’s most talented saxophonists. In addition to composing and performing his own jazz music, he also works as a conductor and sound designer as well as a composer for theater and ballet performances. 

The performance is on June 16th at 4:30 p.m. Free entry.