Kuopio Dance Festival 2023 with renewals 

The versatile program of summer 2023 features dance stars from around the world and many expected renewals. 

The main program of the festival is opened by a joyful, but at the same time societal musical D’un rêve (14.&15.6). The opening day (14.&15.6) will feature a highly anticipated performance New Creation from the internationally recognized hip-hop reformer, Brazilian Bruno Beltrão and Grupo de Rua. 

A startling visual experience is served by Prototype Status’ LUMEN piloted by the Swiss Jasmine Morand (17.&18.6). Belgian choreographer Alexander Vantournhout brings his original work Through the Grapevine (17.&18.6.) to Kuopio, which is a combination of dance, circus and acrobatics. 

Italian artist Cristiana Morganti, who aroused admiration at the festival a few years ago, is returning to Kuopio. In the autobiographical solo Behind the Light (19.&20.6.) the story of the artist’s personal and professional crisis is told in a frank and humorous style. 

The beloved Genelec-Gala (16.&17.6) put together by artistic director Riku Lehtopolku shows the many faces of dance, from ballet to contemporary and swing dance.  

This year, it’s also children’s turn to enjoy their own gala for the first time under the banner of the Children’s Gala on June 18th. The long-awaited novelty event is full of joy of dance for the whole family. 

The main program is culminated in Helsinki Dance Company’s 50th anniversary work Special Night (19.6.) and Danish Kammerballetten’s evening of six miniatures ((19.&20.6.), where contemporary ballet is set to live chamber music. 

Dance Pavilion is an excellent place to gather  

As usual, the dance week includes plenty of program with free admission. Dance performances are seen daily on the stage of Savonia-stage at Kuopio market squarre and at the Music Center, while burning topics in the fields of dance and the arts are discussed in the seminars.  

In addition, nearly 70 dance courses will be organized during the event, for which registration is still open. 

One of the festival’s renewals is the Dance Pavilion set up in Kuopio’s market square. 

“Dance Pavilion is a place, where you can dance and gather with friends. Restaurant services can be found in the tent, and this year we have a special Kuopio Dance Festival-menu, the festival’s executive director Salima Peippo says. 

The Pavilion has daily program such as artist presentations and an evening program with different themed parties. 

The event’s traditional dance parade has also experienced a facelift. 

“We bring some authentic southern European, happy carnival atmosphere to Kuopio. The Carnival Parade is organized as a competition on June 17th, and each team has been able to plan a dance choreography if they wanted,” Peippo says. 

One of this year’s most anticipated free admission performances is a dance performance by the Italian group Il Posto organized in honor of Puijo Tower’s 60th anniversary. A vertical dance group dances hanging from wires against the 75-meter Puijo Tower on June 16th

“We have a wonderful dance week with all the renewals ahead. It is recommended to reserve tickets in advance, as the performances may already be sold out on the day of the event.” 

Tanskalainen Kammerballetten tuo Kuopioon kuusi nykybaletin pienoisteosta elävän kamarimusiikin säestämänä.
Tanskalainen Kammerballetten tuo Kuopioon kuusi nykybaletin pienoisteosta elävän kamarimusiikin säestämänä.