The festival culminates in the Supervisual Gala 

Supervisual from Kuopio is the main partner of the Gala, which has become a classic event of the festival.  

Compiled by the festival’s artistic director Riku Lehtopolku, the Supervisual Gala is an impressive two-hour event where you can admire a wide variety of dance styles, from fast-paced step to contemporary dance. During the evening, there will be numerous short pieces by Finnish and international dance stars. 

We are happy to announce that Supervisual from Kuopio is our main partner at the Gala. Supervisual, a provider of digital advertising solutions, is a subsidiary of the outdoor advertising company Mediateko Oy.  

Supervisual and Mediateo entrepreneur Teemu Kontkanen tells about the background: 

You will see fast-paced tap dance at the Supervisual Gala, among others.

“Over the years, the event has gathered a staunch fan base. We have been a partner of Kuopio Dance Festival since 2015, the cooperation started with Anna Pitkänen and Mediateko and has continued year after year.”   

Kontkanen says that it was not necessary to think about the partnership for a long time:

“The work that all the volunteers and the background organization have done to make dance and the performances enjoyable by people, is truly remarkable and deserves to be seen. The festival offers us the opportunity to experience top international performances in Kuopio.”  

“We are proud to be the main partners of this great gala and to contribute to the continuation of dance and movement! I can already see in my eyes the magic dust of Supervisual floating with the dancers’ movements.” 

Supervisual was born when the group who had made hundreds of projects grew out of their previous name ”Näyttöpojat”. Large digital screens as well as info and advertising displays are still at the heart of our operations – in the future, on an even wider scale, with a more comprehensive service and in higher gear. For us, the world is not static. Continuous movement and rapid change opens up great opportunities for business development.