Kuopio Dance Festival’s new website has been published  

The goal of the renewal was to make the website more informative, user-friendly, easy to navigate and above all, attend to all the visitors’ needs. It is important to us that the information about Kuopio Dance Festival and its association is easily accessible and clearly presented.   

One of the main reasons for updating the website was to ensure its accessibility. In the making of the new website, the focus has largely been to comply with the requirements of the accessibility criteria.   

This can be seen in several ways:   

  • Navigating on the site is easier   
  • The site adapts better to different mobile devices   
  • Special attention has been made to make the site more easy-to-read   

You can read more about the topic in our sustainability plan (in finnish).

Cooperation with Hurja exceeded expectations   

The new website was created by the software company Hurja Solutions Oy that is based in Kuopio. The company’s wide-ranging services include building websites, customizing software, mobile applications, and augmented reality (AR) applications development. 

Cooperation with Hurja exceeded expectations. We started building the new website in early autumn, and within few months the desired result was already achieved. Hurja created a functional platform for our website, and thus it is easy for us to update new information about the festival in the future. 

The new website was created on a fast schedule and in a way that served the festival’s operations and purposes. We are very satisfied with the results and cooperation with Hurja in every way!   

What’s included in the new website?   

The new website make it easier to find everything you need. The three sections “performances, courses and seminars” on the main page can quickly provide you the most relevant festival content. You can find everything else you need by navigating the top menu. It includes a more detailed programme, a news section and information about the festival.    

In addition to clarity, we have paid special attention to the visuality of the pages. On the website you can find a lot of interesting photos and video material (more material coming later with the release of the programme), for example from previous years’ festivals. The website is available in Finnish and English.   

Another special feature is the history section of the festival, where you can not only find the basic history, but also a list of all the performers and festival posters from previous years.   

The content of the website is updated regularly, and we will inform you about the latest news about the festival both on the website and on our other channels such as social media. The programme will be specified at the beginning of the year, so stay tuned – the main programme will be published on 17th January 2024.