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Tap dance Masterclass- Michelle Dorrance


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Laji: Steppi
Taso: Edistyneet ja ammattilaiset
Ikäsuositus: Aikuiset
Opettaja: Michelle Dorrance
Aikataulu: pe 14.6 ja la 15.6 klo 10.45- 12.15
Paikka: Kulttuuriareena 44, Kauppakatu 44 Kuopio

Sisältö: This tap dance masterclass focuses on technique through challenging drills with emphasis on clarity, time and musicality in order to develop the strongest possible technical range for each student. The class provides a very fun and positive atmosphere for learning this incredible American art form and hopes to keep the teachings of the master hoofers alive and well for generations to come! Previous tap dance experience needed. Teaching in English.

Opettajasta: Michelle Dorrance is an American tap dancer, performer, choreographer, teacher and director. Awarded a MacArthur “Genius Grant”, she is the Founder and artistic director of Dorrance Dance. Dorrance is known for her creative ensemble choreography, rhythm tap style and ambitious collaborative projects with fellow tap dance choreographers and musicians. Dorrance Dance is also performing on Kuopio Dance Festival summer 2024.







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